Refinish competence


2 days


  • A holistic workshop to approach repair industry critical subjects impacting on profitability of professional bodyshops.
  • Organization of a profit-oriented bodyshop
  • Ressourceful use of painting activity to boost profits
  • Monitoring analytics and KPI’s on material consumption and related operating costs
  • Impact of work-providers on activity
  • Improving direct networking with Insurance companies – understanding Insurance standards and calculation models
  • Value creation by lean processes


Painters (Level 4), Bodyshop Owners, Bodyshop Managers, Quality Control Managers, Estimators, Business Developers

Refinish Academy Credits:

12 Stars

Participation requirements:

Minimum 7 Refinish Academy Stars or Business Case Application (details at Helios Refinish Management)

Training calendar 2017

For the moment we are working on the update of 2017 calendar. Please send your inquiries to