Helios Refinish - Share your project campaign

1. Organizer of the Share your project competition 2021

This document defines the rules and conditions of participation in the Share your project 2021 campaign (hereinafter: the prize competition), whose organizer is Helios TBLUS d.o.o., Količevo 65, 1230 Domžale (hereinafter: the organizer).

The purpose of the prize competition is to promote the Helios Refinish brand by encouraging participants to share images of their completed projects, work-in-progress or planned projects, which they have carried out using the Helios Refinish product system.

2. Course of the prize competition

The prize competition will run from 15th March 2021 up to and including 10th December 2021. The application deadline is 30th November 2021. The selection of prize winners will be made no later than 3 working days after the end of the prize competition, and the winners will be informed about the outcome and prizegiving no later than 3 working days after the selection.


3. Participants

The prize competition is only open to business entities (legal entities and sole proprietorships) that partner with Helios TBLUS d.o.o. and use Helios Refinish, Colomix, Mobihel or Gravihel branded products when submitting their proposal.

If the participant turns out to be untrue or fictitious, or even if this is suspected, the organizer reserves the right to exclude them from the prize competition without prior notice. The organizer also reserves the right to exclude a participant from the prize competition for giving incomplete, incorrect or false information (e.g. name of the company/workshop, email address, photographs, information). The organizer also reserves the right to reject incomplete applications and those where the attached photographs do not meet the quality criteria for use on the organizer's online channels (Facebook, website) as defined in Clause 4 of these rules (Share your project - Useful guidelines).


4. How to participate

The prize competition will run on the Helios Refinish Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/heliosrefinish (hereinafter: The Facebook page) and on the Helios Refinish website https://www.helios-refinish.com/ (hereinafter: the website).

Participants can enter the prize competition by visiting the Helios Refinish website or Facebook page. After seeing the brief instructions for participating in the prize competition, participants must send the following to their Helios Refinish sales representative:

  • at least 3 quality photographs of car restoration documenting the car's condition before, during and after
  • car brand, model and year of the car
  • a list of the Helios Refinish products used for the restoration
  • name of the company/workshop
  • link to the company/workshop website and social media channels that the user wants listed when the prize competition is posted on Facebook and the website

The organizer will carefully review and only post the applications that are complete and follow the instructions for taking quality photos from the Share your project - Useful guidelines document, about which the Helios Refinish sales representative will inform the participant.

By submitting their application, the participant agrees that the organizer has the right to publish the received application, in whole or in part, on their Facebook page and/or website and in other communication channels or media, for which the participant is not entitled to any payment or compensation.

By submitting their application to the Helios Refinish sales representative via email, the participant is deemed to be in full agreement with the terms and conditions of this prize competition. The application deadline is 30th November 2021.


5. Cost of participating in the prize competition

The prize competition is free for all participants, but the participants themselves must take care of all costs incurred as a result of participating in the prize competition (e.g. Internet access charges, data transfer costs, etc.).


6. Prizes and determination of winners

At the end of the prize competition, the organizer will carry out a draw to determine the winners no later than Wednesday 15th December 2021. The draw will include all participants that have submitted a complete entry to the Helios Refinish sales representative during the prize competition. The organizer will not consider late and incomplete applications. The result of the draw is final and cannot be appealed.

From all the participants that are eligible to participate in the prize competition, the organizer will draw 3 groups of winners, who will be awarded the prizes listed below:

  • The first prize of €494 (5 winners): spraying gun, the winner can choose between the Anest Iwata WS-400 1.3 OBS or WS-400 1.3 HD pistol model.
  • The second prize of €92.60 (10 winners): Helios Refinish light jacket (2020 collection)
  • The third prize of €17.90 (20 winners): Helios Refinish backpack
  • The fourth prize of €15.50 (20 winners): Helios Refinish T-shirt (2020 collection)

The number of prizes is limited and the organizer will only award them to the extent stated above. The awarded prizes are not convertible, payable in cash or transferable.

After the prize competition closes, the organizer will arrange to inform the winners and deliver the prizes.


7. Awarding and informing the winners

The winners will be notified of their prize and the conditions for receiving it by email, to the address from which they previously contacted the Helios Refinish sales representative, and no later than 3 working days after the draw.

After being notified, all winners must provide the organizer with all the necessary information no later than 7 days after receiving the notice, otherwise the organizer shall not award them the prize.

The organizer reserves the right to not award the prize or to withdraw it, when:

  • there is doubt about the identity of the participant's data and/or,
  • the participant does not consent to receiving the prize and/or,
  • the participant violates these rules of the prize competition and/or,
  • the winner does not respond to the notice to accept their prize within 7 days after the announcement of the final results by the organizer.

In all the above cases, the prize will not be awarded.

If the prize has already been awarded and it later turns out that the winner obtained the prize in a manner that does not comply with these Rules and Conditions, the organizer may request the immediate return of the prize or its monetary value together with the reimbursement of the damage incurred.


8. Participant personal data

The organizer undertakes to process and protect the data in accordance with the personal data protection regulations in force.

Participants in the competition may at any time request in writing the termination of notifications, review, amendment, correction or deletion of their personal data or the termination of processing of their personal data for the purpose of carrying out this prize competition, which may affect their rights arising from participating in this prize competition (in particular, for example, being awarded a prize). The participant shall do so by sending an email to: gdpr@helios-group.info with the subject: GDPR – Helios Refinish – Share your project. No later than 15 days after receipt of the notice, Helios TBLUS d.o.o. shall prevent the use of the participant’s personal data for the purpose of notifications in relation to the prize competition.

The organizer shall not forward the data to third parties, except when publishing or sharing with their contractual partners, who shall process the data only in the organizer’s name on their behalf.

The organizer shall only process personal data themselves and according to the contractual partners only for the purposes of the prize competition.

The participant is aware that the organizer may entrust individual tasks with regard to the processing of acquired personal data to contractual partners with whom the organizer has concluded a contract for personal data processing. They can process the acquired data exclusively in the name and for the account of the organizer, for the purposes stated above and only as long as the organizer can process them.


9. Termination of the prize competition

In the event of circumstances for which the organizer is not responsible or unable to prevent, eliminate or avoid them, the prize competition may be terminated. Participants shall be informed of a potential termination of the prize competition via electronic or other public media.


10. Responsibility and dispute resolution

The organizer does not assume any responsibility for:

  • failure of the Helios Refinish Facebook page and website and the consequences of the failure, irrespective of the reasons for the failure;
  • failure of the online service resulting from the failure of the network of contractual partners, power failure or other technical disturbances that could temporarily interfere with the use of the service;
  • any consequences that the participant suffers for participating in the prize competition;
  • any consequences that results from the acceptance or use of the prize;
  • lost shipment and incorrectly stated contact details.

In the event of a dispute between the participants in the prize competition, the organizer shall not be held responsible. For all possible disputes arising from the prize competition that cannot be solved consensually, the court in Ljubljana is competent.


11. Authorship

Each participant shall submit photographs to the organizer, which shall be conceived as copyrighted. The participant explicitly declares and confirms that he is the holder of all necessary material copyrights and has the right to transfer them to the organizer, when stated below.

By submitting photographs as part of the prize competition, the participant gives the organizer explicit and irrevocable permission to reproduce the created photographs (hereinafter: the copyrighted work) in all media (TV, press, radio, web), at promotions, exhibitions, festivals, other forms of public presentations and promotional messages of all formats. By participating in the prize competition, the participant grants the organizer exclusive, territorially unlimited rights and, for the entire duration of the rights, transfers all copyrighted work material free of charge, including the right to use the work in a edited form. In addition, the participant also grants the organizer the exclusive right to save the copyrighted work in electronic form, the right to visually record and the right to import the copyrighted work into all countries. The participant agrees that the acquired rights can be freely transferred to third parties and waives any royalties or compensation for the transfer of material rights and transfers these rights to the organizer of the prize competition free of charge.

Each author of the photographs is solely responsible for the submitted photographs and their authorship. By sending the materials (photos, texts) to Helios TBLUS d. o. o., the participant guarantees that they have all the needed copyrights and other relevant legal bases and permissions according to EU legislation to authorize Helios TBLUS d. o. o. to personalize and use the content they provided permanently and with no geographical limitations on its online channels (Helios Refinish Facebook page, Helios Refinish website) and they do so at no additional costs or conditions. They also acknowledge that HELIOS TBLUS d. o. o. is not responsible for the content they provided and agree to absolve HELIOS TBLUS d. o. o. of all legal claims in this regard.


12. Final provisions

This prize competition is in no way affiliated with Facebook. Facebook does not conduct, modify or sponsor this prize competition. Facebook is exempt from any claim for damages or other claims by participants.

The decision of the organizer of the prize competition on all questions related to the prize competition is final and applies to all participants.

In the event of any dispute or ambiguity, these rules shall be deemed to be primary in relation to any other notification, whether in printed, electronic or any other form. Authentic interpretation of these rules shall be determined solely by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to change these rules.

The organizer shall inform the participants about all changes to and news about the prize competition with announcements on the Helios Refinish Facebook page or website. Continuing to participate in the prize competition after the publishing of any changes to the rules, is considered as accepting and agreeing to the changes.


Ljubljana, 8 March 2021