The truth is that we love cars. We care about them. We understand the value of painters, our customers. We would not be able to care about cars without them. They are the masters of art, the silent magicians that can bring the soul back to the cars with their hands. So you can admire them again.


We share the passion, the love for the cars and respect for the people. Cars may come in millions and embedded in everyday routine, but to so many of you they are much more. 


Mobihel is proud to be a loyal partner to all painters who live and breathe for that perfect finish. We have great admiration and gratitude for their work and skills. It allows Mobihel to deliver reliable products and solutions the painters can use to repair, improve and recreate. To bring back the beauty, to push forward and to amaze you, the most devoted and attached car fans. Car owners who drive this cycle of enthusiasts, painters, chemists, technicians and many more. A cycle of trust and appreciation for everyone who play their parts, delivers strong and is proud of a job well done. A job beyond average, beyond expected.


We at Mobihel believe in this powerful cycle that creates genuine emotions, adding colour and flair to the life of every car enthusiast.

Smart. Measurable. Automotive. Refinish. Technology.

S.M.A.R.T. is a new intelligent car refinish solution, consisting of professional and reliable products that provide concrete results for the car repair business. With S.M.A.R.T. we are introducing a complete new concept of car refinish. It provides you with a range of top quality refinish products at a fair price and the best professional user experience possible.

All product characteristics are designed to ensure the most important criteria in the refinish industry – exceptional ease of use and time efficient repair processes. To achieve that goal, we have committed to use only the top state-of-the art raw materials, we have introduced a new, holistic quality control process and we are eagerly listening to all customers’ demands and needs which build the base of continuous improvement of our products and services.
At S.M.A.R.T. we are listening to your requests, we strive to understand your needs and the environment and to assist you in solving the challenges. The versatility of our products allows us to practice customizable approaches to each market. We believe that every market is unique, because every painter is unique.

GRAVIHEL is a highly professional binder mixing system for small crafts consisting of 31 universal pastes (20 pastes, 5 aluminium ones and 6 pearls) and currently 28 different binders and 3 binders for tinted primers. The system enables customers to mix more than 9500 shades in all qualities (RAL, RAL design, NCS, Afnor, British Standard and commercial vehicles (Mobifleet) formulations).

Product portfolio provides the customers with high flexibility and quick responsiveness with optimal stock level and very low initial investment costs for the mixing equipment and colouristic identification tools. GRAVIHEL products are distinguished by an excellent hiding power, GRAVIHEL pastes are highly concentrated (enabling also the mixing ratios of 90:10 with 1K and 85:15 with 2K topcoats).

GRAVIHEL binders are filled in prefilled pales of 5 and 20 liters with fixed volume. This enables the customers to use different ratio of binders and pastes and therefore ideally adjust it to their needs and budget as well as ensuring the optimal quality/price ratio. Pre-filled binders enable quick and easy preparation of the most frequently ordered sales volumes (5 and 20 liters).

We have combined our experience in colouristic in the car refinish industry and prepared an extensive colouristic documentation consisting of colour cards and poster with colour characteristics, complemented by Colour Finder and Colour Cube spectrophotometers.

The Colomix product range consists of easy to use and reliable products for fair price. These products have a long tradition and a lot of long term, loyal customers.

The simplicity of the product range makes Colomix the right solution to help refinishers stay productive and profitable:
• PE Putties
• 2K Primers and Fillers
• 2K Clearcoats
• Basecoat and 2K Thinners
• Cleaning Agents

The Chromind refinish coatings system is developed, supplemented and adapted to the needs of customers on an ongoing basis to enable the most favourable relationship between product quality and price.