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The website contains general information on HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. and its associated companies, the
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General terms and conditions
HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. - General terms and conditions

Company data
Company name: Helios TBLUS d.o.o.
Registration number: 5043212000
Tax number: SI 45984794
Entry number: 10447300, Sodni register, Okrožno sodišče v Ljubljani
Headquarters: Količevo
Business address: Količevo 65, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia
Telephone: + 386 1 722 40 00
E-mail: office@helios-refinish.com

Legal information
All rights reserved. The notice refers to the home page and all sub-pages of the website
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Limited use of information and material
All information and material (text and pictures) published on the https://www.helios-refinish.com/
website can only be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, wherein retaining all stated warnings
on copyright and related rights and/or industrial property rights. Said information and material is not
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Each reproduction or part of the content of the website must be marked with the HELIOS TBLUS
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https://www.helios-refinish.com/ website also contains information from third parties and links to
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HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. can change this legal notice at any time, and it shall be binding for its users in
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refinish.com/ website contrary to the rules laid down herein is prohibited. User who should use the
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Limited responsibility
All information and material on the https://www.helios-refinish.com/ are for informative purposes
only. HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. is dedicated to providing accurate, updated and complete data on the
https://www.helios-refinish.com/ website, however, it cannot guarantee its accuracy and
completeness, and assumes no responsibility in this regards.
Users shall use the https://www.helios-refinish.com/ website and the content published on said
website on their own responsibility. Neither HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. nor any other legal or natural
person who contributed to the creation and design of the website, or is still collaborating with its
updates, is responsible for any damage which might arise from accessing, using or the inability to use
the information on these websites, or for any type of error or omission in its content.
HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. is not responsible for the damage (including that caused by viruses) a user might
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HELIOS TBLUS d.o.o. is not responsible for any other type of damage which might be caused as a
result of using or the inability to use the https://www.helios-refinish.com/ website. HELIOS TBLUS
d.o.o. reserves the right to change the https://www.helios-refinish.com/ website at any time, in
whichever manner and regardless of the reason, without previous notice, and assumes no
responsibility for any consequences of such modifications.